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“The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.”

-Daniel J. Boorstin

SpiriTech is a branch of the SHAMIM project, an NGO advocating for global oneness and spiritual harmony. As a learning platform, SpiriTech – the crossroads between the spiritual and the technological – seeks to highlight tech solutions that can track our level of spirituality.

SHAMIM explains to us the concept of gender harmony – the notion that men and women are not equal, but rather, each gender excels in different areas. These strengths should not be ignored, and in fact, our society should be rebuilt around these natural strengths, as opposed to pitting the genders against each other.

How does this lead to spiritual growth in concert with technology? As we begin to overhaul our education systems, governments, private institutions, and social and behavioral norms, mankind will become more efficient and society’s ills will begin to disappear; by the same token, human health outcomes will improve. But this improvement must be measured and monitored.

Based on the theory that we can measure the scent of our breath in order to create a global log – what we call the SMiiiM Index – we can use technological innovations to indicate where and how we can improve ourselves and society, both short and long term. SpiriTech is the theoretical base upon which we can build tools that measure individual and group human spiritual progress.

In order to achieve SHAMIM’s ultimate goal of spiritual harmony, SpiriTech will leverage the theoretical scent measurement tool put forward by SMiiiM. SMiiiM will use scent detection technology to measure and monitor individual and group breath-print scores. Because of human interdependence and interconnectivity, individual and group scent scores will be correlated; one cannot improve over time without the other doing the same.

Much of how we perceive scent, and much of the scent we give off, is controlled and affected by our brains. How our brain hemispheres work with each other is also essential to building a new world order, as these functions are what determine the masculine and feminine traits that we seek to properly allocate to leadership positions. To learn more about how we can study brain chemistry in order to further the missions of SHAMIM, SMiiiM, and SpiriTech, visit NeuroPlasti.city.